Forex Why I Use An Empty Chart

I am one of the few traders who doesn’t use any type of technical indicators. I trade using a raw candle stick chart with nothing on it. I don’t even use moving averages. How did I come to trade like this? I came to trade like this after losing my money over an over again. The methods that called for using these indicators didn’t work for me and it didn’t fit the way I think and trade. I find that those lagging indicators just get in the way of what truly matters in the market, price.

Price is the only thing that matters when you trade Forex. The only thing you should care about is where was the market, where did price go and where do you think it will go. Trading is not a science and it is far from a solved game. Everyone is using guess work to make their trades. The only difference is that some have advanced computers and mathematicians who create predictive algorithms that help them guess without human subjectivity and others are making uneducated guesses. We will never be able to make predictions like the super computer using banks but we can give ourselves a leg up by using price action.

When the chart is empty, all you have to look at is the flow of prices staying steady or moving up and down. I really enjoy this because it gives you a true picture of the market. People cloud their screens with technical indicators because they falsely believe that they can help them predict the market but this is not true. Just watching the price action is all you need to predict the direction of the market. It isn’t 100% accurate but nothing is in trading.

What are some methods I use to trade without indicators. I like to trade trends and I have created many methods to try and spot when price will go up or down. One method that I like to use that is based on price action is to watch how banks accumulate shares. The accumulation stage of trading is when the price action is a bit choppy. It’s not going to much up or down and it always reverts back to a central trading range. Many traders do what is called range trading during these times of consolidation.

What I like to do instead is follow all the false starts. A false start is when the price action start to make an acute move up or down. Normally when this happens, a banks is either buying or selling. They are also often times trying to fake out their competitors (you and I) to jumping onto a false move. When enough people jump onto a false move these fake outs gain temporary momentum. The institutional traders know that this movement in price can’t last so they start to take the opposite side of the trade and when the price corrects itself and everyone is selling our buying off in fear or greed, the institutional trader who started this fight collects a ton of pips.

An indicator could not provide you that type of insight.

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