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Who Is Involved In Forex?

There are in excess of one hundred different official currencies globally. Most international trades and payments use the U.S. dollar, Euro or Yen and there are several players in this market. Currency trades can be done via spot transactions, swaps, option contracts and forwards. Central Banks The central banks form a very important part of the foreign exchange market. Interest rate policies and open market operations of the central banks play a huge role in currency rates. Central banks make decisions regarding the regime that will be […]

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What Is Forex?

With the crazy markets of today it is very important for investors to diversify and keep their eyes open to new markets. One of the biggest markets right now is forex. What is forex? it stands for FOR-eign EX-change. It is basically the trading of one currency to another. Many large corporations and even countries simply need to exchange their local currency for another in order to do business. For example most countries must pay for their oil with us dollars, which means they need to exchange […]

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Getting Started With Forex Trading

Anyone who is interested in learning how to trade successfully in the forex market will find that there are a number of ways to get started. A number of people will take the opportunity to search for information about forex, learn more on how it works and then sign up for a live trading account. However, it is important that you fully consider all of your options before signing up. Knowing where to get started will help you to weed out any of the scams and lead […]

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