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Forex Why I Use An Empty Chart

I am one of the few traders who doesn’t use any type of technical indicators. I trade using a raw candle stick chart with nothing on it. I don’t even use moving averages. How did I come to trade like this? I came to trade like this after losing my money over an over again. The methods that called for using these indicators didn’t work for me and it didn’t fit the way I think and trade. I find that those lagging indicators just get in the […]

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What Every Forex Scalper Must Know

Scalping is one of the most entertaining forms of trading. You can make several hundred and even thousand dollars in a few minutes but you can also lose that same amount of money within seconds. This seat of the pants roller coaster style of trading attracts many traders, mostly new traders. It is easily to get sucked in, especially if you have some early success, but remember failure is right around the corner. Everyone who has had some immediate success with scalping has always had several days […]

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The Basics of Forex Software

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Forex trader for a long time, or are just beginning your journey, you’re likely look for both knowledge and possibly software to help you profit. To find the best Forex trading software, ask around. You might have associates, family or business partners who use specific software in Forex trading, ask them about their knowledge and what they like and dislike about it. Second, shop around. The internet is packed with resources regarding the topic and each site you visit or […]

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